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Camera quadcopters are great for beginners who are looking to fly a drone in the long run. Budding aerial videographers will particularly love this product because it comes with a relatively simple drone technology and is also incredibly easy to operate. The technology and working mechanism behind these camera quadcopters is continuously evolving as greater innovation and bigger investments are brining several advanced products to the market. In the following section, I will review the technology behind these quadcopters and also give a detailed insight on how to choose your very first quadcopter.


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How does a camera quadcopter work?


A camera quadcopter usually uses two different pairs of fixed pitched propellers. These propellers are identical in appearance and two of them are placed in a clockwise direction, while the remaining two are placed in a counterclockwise position. These propellers use the variation of speed independently, for achieving control. You can generate your desired level of thrust by changing the speed of the individual rotors. Likewise, you can also change the speed for laterally and longitudinally locating the centre of the thrust and creating your desired level of torque.


A camera quadcopter, as evident from the name, also comes with a top-notch camera and an additional micro SD card. This card is removable and usually gives you 4 to 32 GB space. Almost all the cameras come with the feature of shooting in full HD. If you�re buying a basic quadcopter, you will be able to shoot both 720p at 60 fps and 1080p at 30 fps. The video quality of the cameras, are incredible and the photos shot here are equally great. The cameras usually come with a 14 to 21 mp lens which lets you enjoy crystal clear photos and videos. The lens of some quadcopters, are dust and splash proof which thereby makes it easier for you to capture the action without getting the view distorted. Some of the high end models of quadcopters come with a feature that lets you control the tilt of the camera. With this feature, you are able to capture photos and videos at different and out of the box angles.


Additional features


Usually some of the best brands of quadcopters come with a camera app that lets you tweak the settings of the camera. This means, you can use this feature for controlling the exposure compensation, the quality of the picture, the white balance, ISO and so on. Likewise, you can also choose your preferred format of photos and videos with these apps. Some quadcopter camera models also come with a 45-point all cross AF system that ensures that you get the best quality AF in every possible light conditions. They might also be equipped with an Intelligent Viewfinder, that too provides complete 100% coverage. The image view is clearer and the image data is comprehensive with this tweak. The cameras with quadcopters are solid, well structured and physically equipped to withstand all wear and tear.


If your phone happens to be Wi-Fi enabled, you will be able to stream the photos and videos taken by your quadcopter camera at a whopping distance of 700 meters. This will also make it easier for you to share your aerial shots with your friends and loved ones on social media.


Of all features of these quadcopters, one of the most unique one is the advanced flight control of the products. This control will make it easier for you to control and fly the path of your drone.


Features to look out for while buying a quadcopter


Flight time- This refers to the overall time your quadcopter will be able to fly on one charge itself. There are many factors like the battery size, overall weight and flying maneuver, that determines the flight time of a quadcopter. In most cases, your quadcopter has a flying time less than 25 minutes. Cheaper models have even lesser time ranging between 7 to 10 minutes. So before you finally zero out on your product, check the flight time and make sure your quadcopter comes with a decent flight time.


Flight controller setup- All of us know that it is extremely difficult to keep your quadcopter drone in control. So if you are really looking out to control the product, you should always focus on the setup of the flight controller.


Self ruling tweaks- This feature is extremely important for people who are looking to fly their quadcopter manually. If you happen to be a beginner who is just starting out with flying quadcopters, try to go for a product with this feature. It enhances the overall safety and makes your flying sessions, tad easier.


Size- If you are beginner who�s just starting out with flying quadcopters, I�d recommend you to choose a relatively smaller drone. This is highly essential as a small quadcopter is likely to be more durable than a bigger one. It will also be easier for you to fly it.


Camera: For quadcopter camera; try to go for FPV cameras. This camera will ensure that you get shots with pleasing colors just the way you wanted. Although the colors might seem slightly over saturated at times, yet RAW shots will let you control the contrast and the saturation according to your preference.


Design- Advancements in quadcopter technology are taking a rapid pace and right now some of the best models come backed with the GPS capability that lets the quadcopter adjust according to the wind while also calling the helicopter right back at the base. If you are planning to but a quadcopter for the first time, try to choose designs which are relatively more utilized. This will help you enjoy greater control and more balance while you�re flying the drone. The overall weight and the dimensions of your product should also be other major factors that you should consider. Heavier quadcopters usually require more power for flying and it is therefore a better idea to settle for the lightweight models. However, the heavier copters might perform better when there are heavy gusts of wind.


So consider all options and finally settle for a solid, well featured and power packed quadcopter camera.